User experience

User experience

User experience is all about putting the end-user centre-stage, from the start of the process right to the very end.

At Red Mirror HQ, this is particularly important during the analysis phase, when we work with our client to create a ‘learner avatar’. This character (or even characters, depending on the project) embodies the target audience, and we continually refer back to them to evaluate how well the eLearning package we are creating is meeting their needs. Questions might include:

  • How can we best tailor this task to appeal to their tastes?
  • How will they most likely access the content, and which LMS which work best to support this?
  • Will the flow be clear?
  • Will they enjoy the learning process and is everything in place for seamless functionality?
  • Will they find the instructions clear and accessible?
  • Is the content fully responsive to their commands and efficient to load?
  • Will they perceive the layout as attractive, and have we kept each screen visually appealing and uncluttered?
  • Will they find course progression intuitive?
  • Are the supporting assets suitable and on-brand?
User experience

Example of User Experience (UX)

The videos we produced for Visa, which aimed to encourage employees to take advantage of their internal system, were beautifully on-brand and accessible. They were so well-received, in fact, that we are in process of creating six more!

PepsiCo were facing the challenge of creating a series of modules that could be adapted for a range of international audiences. Editability was a key issue (to enable effective localisation), as was ensuring the package could be used as part of a blended programme or entirely standalone. Scenario-based interactions brought the source material to life, and now -even in remote areas – employees are able to guide ‘Nigel’ through a series of tasks to help him achieve Golden Store status!


We’ve been very impressed by the quality of work, attention to detail and support from Red Mirror. Their can-do attitude and quick workaround has helped us achieve a professional looking elearning demo we are proud to share with our stakeholders.

Piia H Visa

The Red Mirror team did what they said they would, when they said they would and the finished product was EXACTLY what we had in mind (and more!)

Clare O Supply Desk

I wanted to just thank you and congratulate you on the work so far. I’ve had a quick look around the platform and I’m very happy with it, I think it looks great.

Andy Lopata Lopata