Compliance training

Compliance training

Clients often come to us looking for compliance training on topics such as health and safety, fire procedures and data security.

The raw materials are likely to be dry, and learners can sometimes resent being forced to take training on the same subjects repeatedly. However, compliance training that has received the Red Mirror treatment promises to transform employee attitude from ‘have to know’ to ‘want to know’! After all, if employee knowledge on these topics is lacking, it might lead to death and lawsuits. Not a good combination!

Once the thorough analysis and research is complete, snazzy techniques are great for keeping the learner engaged. Scenario-led eLearning keeps learners hooked and, because stories evoke empathy, they will find it easier to recall the important stuff. This technique can be reinforced by adding a visual element, and our design and animation teams are highly skilled in bringing content to life in a way which embodies the brand perfectly. To avoid the drudgery of repetition, we suggest using branching scenarios, which provide paths for the learner to choose from. This removes the all-too-common predictability of much eLearning, and nods to the fact that learners who guide their own path are likely to be more motivated and show greater levels of autonomy as a result.

Example of Compliance training

Retaining FCA accreditation was a non-negotiable for Jardine Motors Group, but ensuring all employees were continually kept up-to-speed was proving a challenge. The solution we provided them with enabled them to engage their entire workforce and demonstrate their commitment to selling finance in an ethically sound way.

Safeguarding is another vital consideration for employees across a range of industries, and we worked alongside a major automotive manufacturer to fulfil their duty of care to their young apprentices. By using authentic scenario-based interactions, we were able to get learners to step away from the theoretical guidelines and consider in a practical sense how best to respond to safeguarding issues.


We’ve been very impressed by the quality of work, attention to detail and support from Red Mirror. Their can-do attitude and quick workaround has helped us achieve a professional looking elearning demo we are proud to share with our stakeholders.

Piia H Visa

The Red Mirror team did what they said they would, when they said they would and the finished product was EXACTLY what we had in mind (and more!)

Clare O Supply Desk

I wanted to just thank you and congratulate you on the work so far. I’ve had a quick look around the platform and I’m very happy with it, I think it looks great.

Andy Lopata Lopata