Case Study

Jardine Motors Group

Jardine Motor Group

Originating as a family-run dealership in East Anglia in 1969, the Jardine Motors Group has gone from strength to strength and now operates in more than 70 locations across the UK. Today, with over 3,600 employees, it represents 20 manufacturers and its portfolio includes the flagship dealership, McLaren London.

The organisation has a strong record of commitment to the professional development of all staff, and an ongoing desire to act in the best interests of those to whom they have a duty of care. This is reflected in their values (Judgement, Ownership, Leadership, Integrity and Passion) and their ongoing investment in dealerships that deliver exceptional customer experiences.

The challenge

Engaging employees at all levels across the organisation to retain FCA accreditation and maintain exceptional customer service standards

As a finance provider, the Jardine Motors Group is legally bound to work in accordance with the guidelines of the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA). This involves compulsory compliance training of the workforce, and the Jardine Motors Group was keen to offer online provision for a significant proportion of this. Not only would this alleviate the need for costly and expensive training sessions, but it would provide staff with an engaging, enjoyable resource that they could complete at a time to suit them and refer back to as they pleased. It would also provide tangible evidence that the Group is fulfilling what is required of them in terms of accountability at an organisational and individual level.

The right support and tools

In recognition of the fact that the content was a little dry in places, the Group was keen to include a variety of media and interaction types to engage and sustain interest. They provided a range of talking head videos of their employees to guide their learners through key points and demonstrate their ethos on the importance of open communication at all levels. The videos were broken down and weaved into the content to ensure the focus remained on the organisation itself and its responsibilities in relation to the FCA, rather than becoming abstract and learners failing to see the direct relevance of the training. Interactions were largely based on (authentically sourced) scenarios to pre-empt the kind of thought process learners would need to employ in such situations in their daily roles. A summative quiz enabled learners to self-assess their competence and whether or not they needed further training.

As established, the e-learning was designed to complement other mandatory FCA training provided by the Group, which would be rolled out during working hours. To enable employees to fulfil their daily duties with as little disruption as possible, the e-learning had to be available for them to complete at a time to suit them, in manageable pieces.

To meet these demands for localised and accessible learning across a range of devices, the organisation chose Articulate Rise, which provided an aesthetic which appealed to them and enabled seamless integration within their existing LMS. Branding was fully incorporated, and some interactive elements were created in Storyline for added variation and customisation.

Impactful and cost-saving

Feedback has been highly positive, and the organisation is keen to add to their online training provision.


The Red Mirror team did what they said they would, when they said they would and the finished product was EXACTLY what we had in mind (and more!)

Clare O Supply Desk

I wanted to just thank you and congratulate you on the work so far. I’ve had a quick look around the platform and I’m very happy with it, I think it looks great.

Andy Lopata Lopata

We were delighted with the creative interpretation of our content, and we had our first course module ready to use within just a few days. We look forward to seeing our next training course come to life in partnership with Red Mirror!

Åsa Magnusson The IT Content Factory