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Engaging Concepts


A fun, colourful and engaging eLearning piece, the Subway module was developed to teach both Subway Managers and Sandwich Artists, ‘How to grow store sales by increasing crisps & snacks incidence’. We promise it’s a lot more fun than it sounds…

View the Subway demo here

Young Enterprise

Slick, dynamic and jam-packed with scenario-based interactions, the Young Enterprise eLearning package was created to enhance the process of onboarding volunteers, enabling them – and the young people they work alongside – to get the most out of face-to-face training programmes.

View the Young Enterprise demo here


We recently completed a Safeguarding module for a major automotive manufacturer. Although we can’t tell you who they are, we can show you a snippet of what we’ve developed for them. And no it isn’t Ford.

View the Safeguarding demo here


Questas ‘Uncovering new opportunities with clients – No selling required’ is a great example of training eLearning to teach learners how to overcome their own barriers to selling.

View the Questas demo here


An example of a more interactive eLearning piece, using a number of advanced elements to make an fun, engaging demo.

View the ISO demo here

Graphic Novel Demo

A stunning visual piece, our graphic novel demo uses some top-notch illustrations to tell an engaging story.

View the Graphic Novel Demo here

Visa Declines

View the Visa Declines demo here

Visa Marketing Campaign

View the Visa Marketing Campaign here

Leadership with Kean HR

We collaborated with Kean HR to put together this short piece on the intricacies of giving good feedback in leadership.

View the Leadership demo here

Noise monitoring with Casella

Casella wanted to take their popular day course online, and incorporate elements of marketing for their industry-renowned devices. We came up with an immersive solution, which incorporates quirky animations to convey processes, roles and responsibilities, and cleverly designed interactions to immerse the learner in the experience of actually ‘using’ the equipment.

View the Casella demo here

Onboarding eLearning

NFA Group Induction

The NFA (National Fostering Agency) Group asked us to complete their induction eLearning package. One of the largest projects we’ve worked on, this one comprised a whole host of eLearning development methods and best practices.

View the NFA Group Induction here

View the NFA Group Career Pathways here 

Red Mirror Onboarding

Our very own onboarding piece, this is a colourful example with many different instances of engagement and interaction.

View the Red Mirror onboarding here

Hammerson Talent Central

The property investment and development giant, Hammerson, asked us to help them with teaching their staff how to use the hub, Talent Central.

View the Hammerson Performance Reviews demo

View the Hammerson Development Plans demo

Compliance eLearning

Jardine Motors Group

View the Jardine Motor Group compliance elearning here

Hammerson plc

Policy and process documents can be a real turn-off to employees, as Hammerson’s finance department were finding. Their workload was greater than it should have been because staff were not engaging with the existing dull, dry material. The solution? An interactive PDF! We adjusted the tone of voice, popped in some realistic scenarios and added a few bells and whistles to help employees realise just how straightforward it can be to claim expenses correctly.

View the Hammerson plc interactive PDF here


Jardine Motors Finance Game

A task of making finance fun isn’t the easiest…! We used gamification and a well-known quiz format to make FCA compliance a little easier to swallow…

View the Jardine Motor Finance game demo here 

Card Flip Game

This card flip game is an example of gamification in eLearning. It was developed for the user, or player, to work their way through a series of questions to a final statement dependent on their responses. It’s best implemented for ‘Find out which/what/who… you are’ type games.

View the Card Flip Game here

Systems Training

Informa Salesforce

View the Informa Salesforce training here

Network Rail Popularity Statistics

View the Network Rail Training here

IHG GRS Fundamentals Reservations

View the IHG Training here

Adobe Versionings

View the Adobe Training here


Visa Declines

View the Visa Declines video here 

Visa Marketing Campaign

View the Visa Marketing Campaign video here 

Visa Analytics Platform

View the VAP video here


IT Content Factory

A module created for a company called ‘The IT Content Factory’, this eLearning piece was pulled together from a super-rich bank of content, and teaches learners the ins and outs of content marketing.

View the IT Content Factory demo here


A longer yet less complex example of a complete eLearning course, comprised of 4 modules and including assessment parts.

View the SupplyDesk demo here