About us


We make learning fun again

Founded in 2004 by Theresa Mary Anne Smith, Red Mirror has gradually shifted from an eLearning development consultancy to a fully managed solution provider. Our skilled team of project managers, designers and developers are dedicated to revolutionising the eLearning industry by delivering beautifully designed training that gets real results.

From planning through to design and development, we engage with you at every step to deliver a scenario-led learning journey that is 100% tailored to the needs of your organisation.

‘If you think education is expensive, try ignorance’

Derek Bok, President of Harvard University, 1971–1991

Mission statement

‘To bring the abstract to life to ensure no learner is left behind.’

Here at Red Mirror, we work with forward-thinking organisations that want to help their learners quickly gain new skills and retain information for longer. And as industry aficionados, it goes without saying that our eLearning is unfalteringly interactive, engaging and effective.

What do we do differently?

Dragging things out is not our style – we’re consistently snappy, yet unfailingly meticulous. Being a small team, we can be fully responsive to the changing demands of your project, and will go above and beyond to exceed the industry status quo – and your expectations.

Our core values

Our core values are centred around ‘Process’, ‘Quality’ and ‘Creativity’. Process is very important to us here at Red Mirror; we want the operation to run smoothly so we can meet deadlines and keep our clients happy. Quality is a big one too: of course, speed is crucial, but not at the cost of impeccably high standards. And creativity, well that is at the heart of all of our eLearning, from the stories we weave into each module, to the visuals we put together to enhance it, to the questions we ask of the learners to get their mind racing.


I wanted to just thank you and congratulate you on the work so far. I’ve had a quick look around the platform and I’m very happy with it, I think it looks great.

Andy Lopata Lopata

[Red Mirror] have ability to find a creative solution for every question we had. I feel so lucky to have such a business partner working on my side to be better each and every day.

Elif C Pepsico

The Red Mirror team did what they said they would, when they said they would and the finished product was EXACTLY what we had in mind (and more!)

Clare O Supply Desk