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A Christmas Carol

Feeling merry yet…?

…Well we sure are! We put together a bah-hum-bug-tastic Christmas card to celebrate the snowy season. Of course we took the opportunity to do it in style…

Scroll down to the bottom for a surprise!

Stave One

Once upon a cold Christmas Eve
Marley’s ghost was feeling peeved
The eLearning Scrooge inflicted was more than boring
The rest of the team were just left snoring
Yet the monotony caused Marley’s untimely death,
Mindlessly clicking as he took his last breath

Stave Two

Freshly dead and irate in the snow,
Marley’s ghost just couldn’t let it go,
“How dare that man Scrooge bore me to death?
The hours I lost to eLearning were surely a theft!
A theft of my life, a theft of my soul!
Now, woe is me, I will never be whole!”

Watch below to continue the fable,
You choose the ending – bring your thoughts to the table!

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